Aircraft rental


160 CV

The Piper PA-28 is a light aircraft built by Piper Aircraft. It is a metal, single-engine, piston-powered, unpressurized, low-wing, tricycle-gear aircraft with a single door on the co-pilot's side.
32,778 PA-28s were built, making it the 4th most produced aircraft in the world.

Cruising speed : 110kts

Payload : 350kg

From 225 € onwards


120 CV

The Robin HR-200 is a touring plane designed by Chris Heintz and built by Avions Pierre Robin. It is a two-seater plane of metal construction conceived particularly for the flight schools. 

Cruising speed : 100 kts

Crossable distance: 800 km

From 160 € onwards



100 CV

The Cessna 150 is a light two-seater high-wing aircraft, produced from 1959 to 1977 by the American aircraft manufacturer Cessna. It is a very common school plane worldwide. It is popular for its robustness and ease of piloting.

Cruising speed : 95 kts

Payload: 205 kg

From 160 € onwards

ULM Land And Africa

100 CV

The Land Africa is well named; a simple and nice baroudeur, very similar to the Zenair CH 701 or the MXP1000 from Aeroandina, it has the same all-metal structure, the cut shapes or the characteristic breaks

Cruising speed : 165 km/h

Payload: 175 kg

From 95 € onwards